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The New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education has worked cooperatively with The Professional Education Group for more than 25 years. Our "partnership" with P.E.G. allows us to enhance our already extensive curriculum by bringing nationally recognized authorities into New Jersey. P.E.G.'s faculty, materials and service are all first class and we have yet to receive a bad evaluation for any of their programs.

- Lawrence M. Maron Executive Director, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education

The Wyoming State Bar has partnered with The Professional Education Group for the last several years and wouldn’t dream of planning an annual convention without them! Our evaluations continue to prove that the P.E.G. speakers provide the most valuable, informative and entertaining CLE programs and remain among the favorites of Wyoming lawyers.

- Sharon Wilkinson Communications Director Editor, Wyoming Lawyer Wyoming State Bar

We have had the opportunity to work with The Professional Education Group (P.E.G.) numerous times over the past three decades. P.E.G.’s faculty members are all seasoned professionals that present crisp, polished, entertaining, and highly educational CLE programming. Each of them has passed careful screening before becoming a member of the P.E.G. team, which includes “proving themselves” at a pilot showing. Thus, you can be sure that the program you select will deliver quality content to your constituents. In the highly unlikely event that it does not, P.E.G. guarantees to make it right. Paul Fogelberg and Henry Lake are with you every step of the way, and stand ready to supplement your promotional efforts. They can also lend creative support in the development of the program concepts, especially if the P.E.G. speaker is supplementing existing curriculum. Bottom line, you will have a program that will likely exceed participants’ expectations, leaving them wanting more.

- Tom von Kamecke Executive Director, Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF)

I am very pleased to comment on PBI's very productive 25-year relationship with P.E.G. Thanks to the highly professional business standards that P.E.G. has always exhibited, we have enjoyed a working relationship that has enabled PBI to bring some of the nation's most talented CLE presenters to Pennsylvania lawyers. We believe that our joint efforts have served the goals of both P.E.G. and PBI in bringing excellence to CLE.

- Roger B. Meilton Executive Director Emeritas, Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI)

I've worked with P.E.G. for 10 years. I have done so because, as their name implies, they are “professional.” Their speakers are first rate. Their handling of program logistics is flawless. Their program evaluations are to be envied. As any program planner knows, flexibility and adaptability are critical skills. Paul and Henry have developed these skills to an art form. They deliver what they promise — consistently. If you are looking for quality programming provided by dedicated professionals, look no further.

- Ray Ruppert Director of Continuing Legal Education, North Carolina Bar Association

The Professional Education Group (P.E.G.) is an excellent resource for continuing legal education professionals. P.E.G.'s faculty combines first-rate information in an entertaining and educational manner. Furthermore, when you contact with P.E.G., you know you don't need to "sweat the details" — P.E.G. handles them. All you do is provide the venue and the audience, then enjoy consistently superior evaluations.

- Steven Rahn Director of Courses Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education

I have had the pleasure to work with The Professional Education Group and Paul Fogelberg since 1996. P.E.G is a company that offers the highest standard of continuing education for lawyers across the United States. Paul is a man of vision and integrity and those qualities transcend into the culture of his company. P.E.G. under Paul’s leadership is dedicated to enhancing the legal profession in the United States with a vast array of publications and live events. When it comes to high quality CLE, P.E.G. stands with the best this country has to offer.

- Patrick Nugent Business Development Director Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education

About Us

The Professional Education Group has presented more than 3,400 continuing education programs throughout North America, since 1981. More than 30 professors and practitioners on our faculty offer dozens of program titles for our clients and their constituents. Every P.E.G.® seminar, recording and manual carries an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you get your money back. It’s that simple.

The P.E.G.® Brand

Our brand of CLE delivers compelling benefits for program sponsors:

  • It gives volunteer faculty a rest, ensuring that they do not burn out their own teaching and course resources;
  • It offers registrants a break from sometimes too familiar programming;
  • Our marketing assistance incites additional registrations, without requiring any of your valuable staff time or resources;
  • It affords limited or overburdened staff a break from the pressures of producing additional programming; and
  • It frees up staff time that can be applied to new, creative and productive pursuits for your organization.

Many P.E.G. seminars include an ethics and professionalism component, furthering positive contribution to registrants’ professional excellence and to the image of the profession.

Putting the Professional in Education

The Professional Education Group has produced programming from Bangor to Buenos Aires and from Halifax to Honolulu. More than two dozen state/provincial bar associations, law firms, corporations, speciality bars and not-for-profit CLE institutes present programs with P.E.G. on an ongoing, annual basis — the best testament to the quality, reliability and service that is unequaled in the continuing legal education marketplace.

P.E.G.’s officers are members of the Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA), and we adhere to the Standards of Fair Conduct and Voluntary Cooperation promulgated by the American Law Institute-American Bar Association and adopted by the National Conference on Continuing Legal Education in 1968. provides a comprehensive view of our faculty and courses. For more specific information, please contact us. Many of our courses have been recorded and are available for review. Our strength remains in the dynamic nature of our faculty and the successful long-term relationships we share with our clients.