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Medicine for Lawyers

Samuel D. Hodge

The neck bone’s connected to the back bone, and the shoulder bone’s connected to the arm bone.  You know that much – but to efficiently, elegantly and effectively handle a back or knee injury case (by far the largest category of personal injury, worker’s comp and disability claims), or a shoulder injury case (accounting for the most time lost from work), you need enhanced knowledge and skills. Sam Hodge is your most effective guide to achieving them.

Hodge is a successful lawyer-litigator who has benefited from serious medical training.  He is also an award-winning professor at Temple University and one of the most popular professional development speakers in the USA. In the last 4 years alone, this entertaining, informative and highly-acclaimed seminar has been presented more than 80 times in 20 states!

In plain-English, and with a sharp focus on the challenges you face in your law practice, Sam covers handling back, shoulder, hand and knee injury cases.  He makes practical, case-clarifying sense of complicated medical injuries, terms and conditions.  He provides the essential tools that you need to properly evaluate and articulate your case to make it persuasive to 1) your client, 2) opposing counsel 3) the judge and, if need be, 4) the jury.

Illustrated with vivid photos and detailed video, MEDICINE FOR LAWYERS carefully and thoughtfully covers all of the details you need to know – including the parts of the body most susceptible to injury (and how those injuries most often occur).  You’ll discover how diagnoses are made, and learn the practical details of medical tests and surgical procedures from the unique perspective of a very successful lawyer.

Your ability to evaluate cases and to prosecute or defend them will be immeasurably enhanced in one dynamic, entertaining and information-packed day.  Discover why bar associations, law firms, insurance companies and government agencies consistently call on Sam Hodge to diffuse the inherent mystery of medical cases.  Put his unique expertise, dynamic experience and very special teaching gift to work in your practice!


Program Outline & Schedule (6 hours)


[Part I: 95 minutes]

Building Blocks to Human Anatomy


Systems of the Body


• Skeletal System

• Nervous System



[15 minute break]

[Part II: 80 minutes]

Systems of the Body (cont’d)

  • Nervous System

• Integumentary System


[Part III: 95 minutes]

Systems of the Body (cont’d)

• Muscular System

• Circulatory System

• Respiratory System

• Gastrointestinal System

• Urinary System

• Endocrine System

[15 minute break]

[Part IV: 90 minutes]

The Back, Arm and Knee



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