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Any Questions?

A Trial Lawyer’s Guide to Interviewing, Questioning & Interrogating Witnesses

Professor Stephen D. Easton

Even the strongest case depends upon the words and impressions created by witnesses. The ability to effectively present your witnesses, or to successfully disrupt opposing witnesses defines the great advocate. Are you ready to take your skills from good to great? Don’t miss this highly practical program, with experienced litigator and acclaimed advocacy teacher Steve Easton in which he synthesizes the rules of the courtroom with the craft of advocacy, to provide an indispensable guide for handling witnesses before and at trial. In just three hours, you’ll improve your ability to:

  • Prepare a witness for trial or discovery
  • Know when to stay out of the witness’s way – and when (and how) to save a struggling witness
  • Put Irving Younger’s 10 Commandments of Cross – with Easton’s 10 contemporary corollaries – to work for you
  • Identify problems in cross and fix them in redirect

Program Outline & Schedule (3 hours)

[Part I 90 Minutes]

Witnesses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Interviewing Witnesses in Informal Settings

  • Goals and Pitfalls – Dos and Don’ts
  • Preparing a Witness for Trial

Questioning Witnesses in Discovery

  • Getting the Witness to Talk
  • Pinning Down the Witness

Questioning Witnesses in Examination-in-chief

  • Goals and Pitfalls of Direct
  • Staying Out of the Witness’s Way
  • Helping the Struggling Witness


[Part II 90 Minutes]

Interrogating Witnesses in Cross-examination

  • The Myth of Cross-Examination
  • Goals and Pitfalls
  • The Three Types of Cross
  • Younger’s 10 Commandments of Cross

Handling Witnesses in Re-examination

  • Myths About Redirect Examination
  • Effective, Targeted Redirect

Program Wrap-Up and Evaluation