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Business, Law and Ethics

From the Big Screen to the Boardroom

Edward S. Adams

Cinema not only reflects contemporary business, legal and ethical issues, it informs them. Even people in the business community take cues from movies and TV to make sure they’re “doing it right.” You’ve likely been to programs that use fi lm clips to accentuate points. Ed Adams elevates that practice by using classic and popular films to shape a lively, informative and entertaining discussion of issues ranging from marketing to accounting to corporate takeovers to insider trading to leadership. He completes every thought with an analysis of your role as counselor in each situation.

Branching out from his wildly successful MBA Concepts for Lawyers, Adams has selected a broad array of pertinent cinematic highlights to give you easy hooks upon which to hang new knowledge of Supreme Court decisions, newly enacted legislation, key business concepts and beleaguering ethical issues.

Classics like Citizen Kane, topical features like Barbarians at the Gate, even cult hits like Repo Man offer insights to certain business mindsets. Ed Adams summons his years of experience as a business leader, successful investor, and award-winning instructor to give you the advantage of recognizing these behavioral types and he offers actions you can take to make that knowledge a distinct advantage for you and your clients.

This course is unlike any other you have attended. It will enthrall you, entertain you, and leave you looking for more. Cinema and law will never look the same!

Program Outline & Schedule (6 hours, including 2 ethics)
(3 hour course with abbreviated agenda also available)


[90 minutes]

Business Concepts for Lawyers

• Accounting

• Corporate Finance

• Operations

[15 minutes Break]

[90 minutes]

Business Concepts (cont’d)

• Marketing

• Leadership and Strategy

Legal Issues (including New Developments)

• Leveraged and Management


• Insider Trading


[90 minutes]

Legal Issues (cont’d)

• Securities Regulation

• Bankruptcy

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

• Partnership Conflicts

[15 minutes Break]

[90 minutes]

Ethics and Professional Responsibility (cont’d)

• Enron

• The Mortgage and Market Debacle of 2008



Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any
 P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.