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Advanced Storytelling and Persuasion Skills for Lawyers

David Mann

The best lawyers agree: without skilled delivery, the soundest arguments
fail. In this entertaining and compelling program, David Mann focuses on the
goal of persuading juries and engaging witnesses by presenting complex material
with the ease of a conversation. Examine the essentials of storytelling, using past
masters as examples and learn how to use vocal inflection and body language to
tell the story between the words. With concepts drawn from his successful career
in performance and public speaking, Mann will provide you with tools for powerful,
engaging presentations, incorporating role-play of opening statements and direct/
cross examination. He will also expose you to sound methods for more complete
depositions, stronger closing arguments, and more illuminating client interviews.

Key Points for Engaging Clients, Opponents, Jurors, Witnesses & Courts

  • Using voice and body to get twice the results from half the words
  • Engaging the jury rather than simply presenting them with facts
  • The four primary components of authenticity
  • How to construct a good story and tell it in two minutes
  • How to “read your opponent” and adjust accordingly

You will take away from this course the ability to…

  • incorporate persuasive storytelling into openings statements;
  • communicate ideas clearly, with persuasiveness appropriate to the material;
  • translate complex legal jargon into plain language;
  • construct powerful stories that illustrate critical aspects of the case;
  • create a 3-way dynamic between attorney, witness, and jury;
  • project confidence while remaining flexible; and
  • employ effective methods of rehearsal.

Program Highlights

  • Project confidence while remaining flexible
  • Use the four primary components of authenticity
  • Identify your individual communication type and that of your listener
  • Construct a powerful story that can be told in two minutes
  • Project a message clearly with persuasiveness appropriate to the material

Program Outline & Schedule (6.0 hours)

[Part 1: 90 minutes]

Principles of Persuasion

  • The psychology of being a legal storyteller to a jury

Managing Voice

  • How to employ clarity, compassion and confidence through vocal control

Managing Body

  • How to employ clarity, compassion and confidence through physical control


[Part 2: 90 minutes]


  • How to find a relaxed, personal gestural language and resting position


  • The myth of natural, and practicing spontaneity

Delivering Opening Statements

  • Practical application of clarity, compassion and confidence principles through delivery of existing opening statements
  • How to project vocally, and use natural presence for advantage

Delivering Direct and Cross Examination

  • How to question with sincerity to elicit desired responses from witnesses

Lunch Break

[Part 3: 90 minutes]

Goals of an Opening Statement

  • How to make an indelible first impression
  • The six critical storytelling facets of an engaging opening statement

The Power Behind a Great Speech

  • Mastery of moment, image, and style, and how they are reflected in great speeches throughout history
  • Rhetorical and presentational devices used by legendary politicians and literary characters

Storytelling – Why Does it Work?

  • Scientific studies focused on how the human brain perceives information, and how stories are the most effective form of communication


[Part 4: 90 minutes]

Storytelling – How Does it Work?

  • The six components of effective storytelling: theme, story structure, use of detail, story arc and creating drama, rhetorical devices, and wording

Construction of Opening Statements

  • Practical application of the six story components to opening statements

Delivering New Opening Statements

  • Practical examination of storytelling and presenting skill, using newly created opening statement stories



Unconditional Guarantee
If you are not convinced that your understanding of the course topic has
improved after completion of any
P.E.G.® seminar, we will refund your course tuition.