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Thinking Inside the Box

Building Strong Relationships with Judges & Jurors

Stephen D. Easton

Winning advocates view every aspect of trial as a unique opportunity to build and strengthen their bond with the people who will decide the fate of their client — the judge and jury. Every lawyer — novice or expert — who spends time before a judge or jury will find useful tips and strategies in Thinking Inside the Box. Steve Easton has carefully designed this fast-paced, entertaining, multi-media program to reveal how you can build such strong bonds in the structured world of the courtroom.

Overcome jurors’ inherent mistrust of lawyers. Persuade the judge to rely on your facts and evidence. Marshal the real-world rules (not theory!) to help you tip the scales of justice your way.

Practical and comprehensive course materials contribute to the success you will enjoy after a focused and information-packed day with Easton. His winning track record and his razor-sharp perspective on practice-orientated reality ensure that this will be one of the most valuable investments you make in your practice.

Easton gives you the words and tactics to build and strengthen your relationship with the judge and jury and to help you win your case!

Program Schedule & Course Outline (6 hours)

[Part I: 90 minutes]

Building Relationships With Jurors

  • Thinking like a juror
  • Effective voir dire
  • Building on the voir dire foundation

[15 minute break]

[Part II: 90 minutes]

Establishing Credibility

  • Overcoming every juror’s belief that lawyers cannot be trusted
  • The truth about ethics and ethics about the truth
  • The hidden dangers of objecting


[Part III: 90 minutes]

Building Relationships with Judges

  • Tips on the care and feeding of judges
  • The real-world rules of evidence
  • Hidden gems in the rules of evidence

[15 minute break]

[Part IV: 90 minutes]

Rules of the Road for Trial Attorneys

  • Assembling a strong trial team
  • Preparing fact witnesses

Powerful Final Arguments

  • Driving home your theme
  • Words and phrases with impact


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