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The New Negotiation Advantage: Winning Others Over vs. Winning Over Others

Edward D. Hatch Ed has been welcomed back repeatedly to guide our multi-cultural leadership team through relevant and engaging programs. In every area of our operation Ed's message resonates and shows results. The feedback has been excellent! They found you educational, inspirational, and motivational; and, afterwards, you could hardly get a word in edgeways, they devoured your sessions voraciously. Many thanks for your edifying gift. Dynamic instructor with incredible presentation skills...excellent information combined with humor and energy...quite impactful. Ed certainly cast his own spell of irresistibility on an audience enthralled as much by his charisma as his professional knowledge.

Edward Hatch


Edward Hatch

Gambrills, Maryland

Since the early 1970s, Ed Hatch has influenced others from his work counseling “at risk” teenagers in a suburban Washington, DC public school system, to his work as a top-producing salesperson, a manager of over 100 people and Senior Vice President of Sales at Fred L. Mckee Realty and as the co-owner of a real estate firm.

For the past 20 years, he has been a regular and repeated speaker/trainer for Associations, Institutes, 5-Star Hotels, and corporate executives throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Ed’s message of the applied dynamics of human communication has particular application to trial lawyers or transactional attorneys, where communication is the bedrock of preparation and your ability to influence is your clients’ path to justice.


“I Thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and would greatly appreciate a ” filled in ” version of the outline. Thanks again and hope you come back.”

                                                         ~ David S. Waske, General Counsel, Res-Care, Inc.

“Just a note to tell you that I truly enjoyed your presentation at the Louisville Bar Association seminar.  I know you have been making this presentation for some time but I hope you realize how pertinent your comments are to lawyers, who negotiate with both their own clients and their adversaries on a daily basis.  Your comments were most enlightening particularly those of us who have had no previously training in psychology or human behavior.”      

                                                   ~Dennis Clare,  Law Office of Dennis M. Clare, PSC