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Counsel for Mother Nature: Expanding Opportunities for Non-Environmental Lawyers

Electronically Producing the Powerful Trial: Digitally Analyzing, Organizing and Presenting Evidence

Litigating the Science Case

Talking With Pictures: Courtroom Persuasion in the Media Dominated Age

Kevin Thompson I have a two-man firm. Kevin showed me how to use my computer skills to take on a multi-national, multi-billion dollar company and win! The day flew by, and I took away more helpful information than I could have believed possible! This is one of the best - most informative - seminars I've attended.

Kevin Thompson


Kevin Thompson

Thompson Barney

Charleston, West Virgina

Kevin Thompson is an environmental lawyer, entrepreneur and inventor who has been involved in high-stakes litigation across the country for over twenty years. As a litigation consultant he’s managed evidence in tobacco cases, patent cases and environmental cases worth billions of dollars and continually developed innovative technologies designed to organize and present evidence. As lead counsel he’s recovered millions of dollars for clients ranging from banks to land companies to impoverished coalfield residents.


Thompson’s work has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and the Wall Street Journal. He has been profiled in the book Moving Mountains and the documentary films Coal Rush and Toxic Soup. And his cases have been featured in National Geographic and on ABC News. 

Kevin Thompson has twice been nominated and selected as a finalist for the Public Justice Annual Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.


Kevin has served as an adjunct professor of advocacy at LSU Law School and as a NITA faculty member. He served as entrepreneur-in-residence at the A.B. Freeman School of Business, Tulane University, Levy-Rosenbloom Institute of Entrepreneur Studies. Thompson received his J.D. from Tulane Law School after obtaining a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Marshall University.