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Irving Younger


Irving Younger

During Irving Younger’s illustrious career, tens of thousands of lawyers, judges, law students and lay people packed meeting rooms to hear his exceptional presentations on trial practice and advocacy. That popularity endures.

Practitioner & Professor

Following undergraduate studies at Harvard, Younger earned his law degree from New York University Law School. During his legal career, he served as assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York and was judge of the Civil Court of the City of New York. He worked in three private firms, including the Washington, D.C., firm of Williams & Connelly. Younger was also a professor of law at New York University Law School and at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Author & Lecturer

Throughout his distinguished career, Younger was at the forefront in his commitment to the legal profession, writing countless articles for major law and lay journals and recording seven CLE programs and five speeches, available on audiotape and videotape exclusively from The Professional Education Group, Inc.

Younger’s wide and varied background, together with his dynamic talent, provides a universal appeal that is the basis for his unparalleled reputation for excellence in continuing legal education.